Natsuyuki Rendezvous Review

Natsuyuki RendezvousStory:
Rokka’s husband died young, leaving her his flowershop and numerous sad memories of promises left unfulfilled. When a young man joins her staff and falls in love with her, she has to reevaluate if she wants to try love again or remain a widow… Having her dead husband’s ghost hovering around her all the time, unbeknownst to her, isn’t helping things for her new love interest either. He can see the ghost. And the ghost isn’t pleased with his wife being hit on.

Pretty much non-existent. However, death is a big element of this story so keep that in mind.

Another section that isn’t too bad. A few d-mns and a rare b-word but overall gentle on the language.

This is where the rating comes in. Although full on nudity doesn’t really happen, it’s super obvious that two characters have sex at one point and one character even straight up asks another for sex. It’s not done in a gross manor, but this show is definitely not shy about this topic and thus I feel it’s really best suited for older audiences.

Ok, we can’t get around the ghost thing. Rokka’s dead husband shows up immediately and the idea of being possessed and such plays a huge role in the plot. If themes like death and ghosts and spirits make you uncomfortable in any way, skip this.

Personal impression:
This is a slow but very sweet show. And I don’t mean sweet like My Love Story or Snow White with the Red Hair. I mean sweet as in gentle and soft. The romance takes time and, because it’s between two adults, one of whom has quite a bit of baggage, it’s rather mature. Commitment for the long haul is a huge aspect of this romance, rather than the usual focus simply on feelings alone.
My big negative on this show falls under the typical romance stuff: male characters who feel like forcing themselves physically on a female is sweet or “decisive” and get frustrated when the female doesn’t “just choose already.” Yeah. Not cute. But something I’ve sadly come to understand isn’t going to end in this genre any day soon soooo yeah. These scenes don’t last long but they’re obnoxious.
The art and music are solid fits for the tone of this show, soft and mostly cheerful, though surprisingly somber when needed.
Overall I think this is a solid romance title. While the supernatural aspect of it made the drama a biiiit thick at times, considering how hard it is to cover grief over lost loves accurately, I feel like this show did a decent job of it. If you want a more mature romance and/or some adult leads for once, this show might be a good one for you. Just remember that action is not to be found in this one. At all.

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 11
Languages: sub and dub
Official rating: TV14
Genre: Romance, drama
Company: Dogakobo
Production: Fuji Creative Corporation/Sentai Filmworks
Official streaming: Crunchyroll


4 thoughts on “Natsuyuki Rendezvous Review

  1. Fantastic review, for once I got a clear idea on whether I want to see the show or not, without being spoiled. I look forward to making my way through your archives.

  2. I never could decide whether I liked this show in the end or not. On the (seriously major) plus side, I think it’s great to get more romance titles aimed at adult women rather than teenagers. There just aren’t all that many of them around, and weirdly enough, those that are often don’t even feature adult women as part of the main cast. And personally, I’m all for titles that approach topics like sex in a straightforward, non-schoolgirl blushing/giggling/ridiculously melodramatic manner. On the other hand, I seem to recall thinking that the second half of this show was nowhere near as good as the first. The story just seemed to kind of… peter out for no particularly good reason. It’s been ages since I watched it though, so maybe I should give it another shot sometime.

    1. inrosegalaxy

      I agree with you! The second half really is more dull. Likely due to switching to the ghost as the lead with the younger guy in some kinda “Dream” world. Slowed down the show even further and kinda felt like the show was wondering rather than headed in an exact direction.
      But, yes, we definitely need more adult romances, for sure.

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