Convenience Store Boy Friends Review

Two friends fall in love with two female classmates. Their stories will span an entire year.

Pretty much nonexistent here. Not even nose bleeds. There is a character death off screen, but nothing scary is shown.

Another tame sector. Outside of sh-t and the occasional d-mn, nothing to report here.

Yet again, tame stuff. Nothing worse than bare man chests for swimming are seen. No fanservice at all, really. And I won’t lie, it was nice.

Outside of one character making good luck charms for her classmates, nothing to put here.

Personal impression:
By all rights I could have marked this as an all ages show, but I’m erring on the side of caution due to the serious content, which isn’t kid centered stuff. And, yes, that does mean that this title drags a bit in places. The combination of serious tonality with a lack of any firm plot means we get a decent amount of aimlessness, at least at first we do. However, I found this show to be surprisingly grounded for a drama. The relationships actually make sense a decent amount of the time. So aside from a “plot twist” at the end, everything that happens is completely within the realm of possibility. In turn this made the emotional pull a bit stronger for me. I prefer logic to the over-the-top grandeur some shows are so addicted to these days.
All that said, overall this is still a pretty bland show. It has some decent ideas, but applied them in such a laidback manner that little gets done overall and some plot points just straight up get forgotten in the mix.
The animation reflects the tone well, decent enough at times but lacking in consistent quality, especially at the end where production takes a rather sharp drop (still backgrounds in place of moving animation, for example). The music is also all over the map, going from rather nice soft piano and violin to strange arcade-like music you’d find in Harvest Moon (I’d swear that was the “going into town in spring” theme).
Overall, this isn’t a bad show. But it was definitely rushed and likely a fuller title meant to waste time between higher grade shows rather than actually contribute anything new to the genre.

Personal rating: 10+

Episodes: 12
Languages: sub
Official rating: PG
Genre: Romance, drama
Production: Studio Pierrot
Company: Dentsu Tech/BS TBS
Official streaming: crunchyroll

Warning Zone: AHO-GIRL

(note: I usually try to keep WZs apart, but due to tech issues with my next review, this will have to do for now. Full review coming up next week!)

ahogirl01The What:
There’s this really stupid girl and she lives next door to a very sarcastic guy that in no way is a rip off of Kyon from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

The Why:
The female lead outright sexually assaults not only another female student, but also the male lead. And while this felt, at first, similar to the above mentioned worldwide hit, the difference was in the intent. Haruhi never meant to RAPE her classmate. Yoshiko has every intention (and admits it verbally) of raping her friend.
That’s it. That’s all it takes folks. I closed this series out at that scene and have not gone back. I’m not sure why people find this kind of thing funny, but I know too many rape victims to laugh. Solid pass.

Warning Zone: My First Girlfriend is a Gal

eed7fc69b13becbd1063477f9ddcfc191499793628_largeThe What:
A guy  with no good attributes is surrounded by cute, big chested females. This show is just trash, ok?

The Why:
Crunchyroll REALLY needs to get their tagging system under control. This show opens up with a light flare barely covering the female lead’s underwear. Knew it was bad at that point, but, hey, some shows don’t get worse. Kenchi, for example, manages to rise above its fanservice. But this show wasn’t anywhere near that level. Only a few minutes more and we were introduced to the “little sister” of the lead and her boobs are far bigger than her head and she has a very clear sexual infatuation with her brother. I turned it off. This is soft porn, no way around that. And CR needs to start tagging these shows as such.


Classroom of the Elite Review

Kiyotaka Ayanokoji enrolls in a top school and ends up in class 1-D, the lowest level of all the classes. The school works on a rewards system connected to how much work one puts into both their school work and social standing. In order to reach the top of the school, his class must accumulate an insane amount of points. But that’s difficult when the class at large is so disjointed…

There a decent amount of punching and bruising and such going down as one of the classes is extremely physically violent. The blood is kept to a minimum and overall it’s tame for TV14.

Often only sh-ts and d-mns, but a few rare b-words pop up. Overall, this is another tame section.

This is one of those shows with little issue dragging fanservice around for no good reason at all. Large chested characters and bouncy boobs are here. It’s not as bad as a few other titles, but it’s very much there and a big contributor to my YA rating.

Aside from some mythology stories discussed here and there, God and the supernatural really don’t apply. We actually don’t see much of traditional shrines and such either. So overall, this section is pretty bare.

Personal impression:
This show started out very boring to me, but actually got better by the end. Generally speaking, that is. The art and music are pretty standard stuff and I can’t say the directing was spectacular either, but the characters and plot were decent enough, even if their motivations are a bit too vague for much of the show (the lead male’s motivation turns into a plot point at the end, so I’ll give that one a pass).
This show’s biggest issue? Not enough time/ability to really come to love the leads. They remain pretty stoic and distant for much of the show and even when some things progress and get revealed at the end, it feels like little actually changes.
If you’re sick of highly emotional leads, this might be a refreshing experience for you. But if you want to deeply care for your hero? This show isn’t the type to invoke that kind of emotion.

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 12
Languages: sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre: Drama
Company: Kadokawa Pictures
Production: Lerche
Official streaming: Crunchyroll