Sengoku Night Blood Review

A young girl with no personality or life goals gets sucked into another world full of cute warlords who have the depth of puddles because anime.

Characters get stabbed and cut quite a bit, and we do see blood, but considering a decent of the cast are vampires, it’s not all that often really.

Pretty tame. We have a few hot headed characters, but sh-t and d-mn are the most common words we ever hear and not too often.

Another one we din’t have to suffer much. A few bare men chests, but it was rare. Surprising for the genre…

If you don’t like the themes of youkai or creatures like vampires, I’d skip this. Although, to be honest, the darker themes of these creature are never explored so it’s pretty shallow stuff overall.

Personal impression:
Another show to play while I worked. I tend to want to give good shows my full attention and since free time is something I’m rather short on, I go through the bad shows faster as better shows slow down to be savored.
So… here we are. No, the lead doesn’t reach any goals. I doubt she even has any. She mentions she wants to go back to her world more than once, but no reasons WHY are ever given. She doesn’t learn any lessons either. In fact, the male lead gets more character development than she does, although, like most things in this show, it’s pretty surface level stuff. Nothing about deeper self examination. Just general stuff, like looking before you leap, not letting anger rule you and how to prioritize tasks. Ya know, things a guy in a leadership position should have known years before even meeting the heroine.
If you want a shoujo show, I don’t recommend this. Try My Love Story or, heck, Ouran High School Host Club even. While those anime have their downsides, they both have a LOT of character development and just general overall effort put into them.
This one, not so much.
To be fair though, pretty sure this whole idea came from a… card game? Not gonna lie, that’s not the cream of the crop option when it comes to foundations for an entire TV series…. Then again, Pokemon managed it just fine… Hm. Ok, yeah, I do blame this studio.

Personal rating: 10+

Episodes: 12
Languages: sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre: Fantasy, otome, shoujo
Studio: Typhoon Graphics
Company: Marvelous AQL Inc
Official streaming: Crunchyroll


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