Winter 2018 Taste Test


Ok, far less new titles I’m picking up this round. In my defense, I do have quite a few returning/continuing titles I’m working on as well as older shows. Still, I thought this season’s line up was boring at first, but I’m actually liking more shows this season than I usually do, so that was quite a surprise. Now, will they keep it up…

316f66ac53da69f228cdb0ad9ca887cdHow to Keep a Mummy

Flavor: Sugary sweetness

Overall: Welcome to cute overload. The plot on this show is beyond weak to non-existent, but what it lacks in story, it makes up for with possibility the cutest, most pathetic creature I’ve seen in anime in a long time. If you want something sugary enough to kill, this is what you need. Just try your best to turn your brain off or the fact that an Egyptian “coffin” is sporting a Christian cross will bother you pretty much the entire episode.


89879A Place Further Than the Universe

Flavor: Protein rich with spice

Overall: This show’s descriptor on Crunchyroll makes no sense at all, so I clicked on it with bottom-of-the-barrel expectations. As soon as the full title showed up, showing this series’ goal was getting the heroines to Antarctica, I realized this was going to be a very different kind of show. And boy is it so far. The dialog and plot flow smooth and there’s enough action to keep the pace quick despite not a ton actually occurring yet. It’s still unclear if this good pace can keep going, but this is a very promising start to a show and I’m already feeling as if this is going to be one of my favorites this season.


cwpcuo7ukaaiy_9SANRIO BOYS

Flavor: Sweet, but the kind you can easily get sick of rather fast

Overall: If you can’t tell, I LOVE shows that bend and break gender stereotypes. Especially when it comes to those annoying unspoken rules about what genders can and can not enjoy. This show thus had a decent thing going for it as was, showcasing a male lead who likes things most frown on simply due to his gender. Plus, the backstory of why it’s important to him? Legit heartbreaking stuff. It’s not easy for a show to tug on my heartstrings in the first episode but this one manged it. That said, this is so obviously a long commercial for Sanrio products that I feel like everything good this could have offered was already used up in that first episode. I see this going downhill very quickly. So, like, good message and all Sanrio, but it’s tainted by the marketing. It really is…


1502177953_15df07aab7552ddb50ce83d30b4c7abb_thumbLaid-Back Camp

Flavor: Cereal. Not a ton to it, but sometimes it’s what you want on a lazy Sunday

Overall: This show come recommended by a friend. And while I won’t say it’s my favorite of the season thus far, it’s not a bad start. It’s another show about girls forming a club, but has the wonderful bonus of being a bit more focused on the sport/activity of the club than just “cute girls do stuff,” which is beyond boring, let me tell you. So this show is relaxing and you don’t have to think much, so it’s great for that. I’m still unsure how much pull this show can have compared to others like the above A Place Further anime, but I’m willing to give it more time to expand a bit.


Continuing Titles:
March Comes In Like a Lion
I was pleasantly surprised this returned! I felt like the last season wrapped up well enough, but I look forward all the same to joining these characters again!

The Ancient Magus Bride
I so wanted to review this earlier, but this is one of those longer shows, so we’ll just have to hang tight a bit more for that full review. It’s coming! I promise!

Touken Ranbu – Hanamaru
This is an odd one… it should be fansercvice city by the set up, but so far? Not so much. That said, there’s not much going on either so, yes, this is another one I have on while doing chores.

Kaiju Girls
I owe a friend a favor and this is my payment. On the upside, I’m watching it along with him so we exchange jokes, plus the show is a five minute episode type, so it’s not a long one. Still…. there is so little effort in this it’s a mystery why anyone bothered to translate it…


One thought on “Winter 2018 Taste Test

  1. Mii-Kun is definitely the cutest character I’ve come across in a long time. So far Sanrio Boys is working for me despite the heavy marketing going on in it. They seem to have spent some time on the characters and a basic plot at least rather than just hoping the cute characters would sell the anime.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the shows so far.

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