This Boy is a Professional Wizard Review

Chiharu is a wizard who works himself near to death, unable to trust those around him to help and believing he isn’t worth anything without his abilities in magic. When he runs into a traveler named Toyohi at a local bar, he begins to finally smile and even fall in love. If only his insecurity would allow him to trust…

Pretty low stuff. We hear about things going wrong off screen, requiring wizards to interfere and save others, but we never see any actual violence occur.

A bit of negative self-talk and maybe a d-amn, but tame overall.

There is an almost implication of two characters sleeping together, but it turns into nothing and we don’t really see much besides a bit of bare chest. No details.

If the idea of a world where magic exists bugs you, this isn’t a show for you. But if you’re chill with that, there’s really nothing deeper going on in this section.

Personal impression:
This is a wonderful, although sadly short, series. The animation style is very odd, moving more like a visual novel with swirling backgrounds. The story, tone and colors are nice enough to make up for it and it was refreshing to see one more healthy and somewhat natural relationship on screen.
The only downside? This is more of a mini-series, likely meant to promo a manga run. It’s a shame more of this won’t be seen on screen, or in a more fully animated format. Even so, it’s a great little story, sweet, to the point and lovely to look at.

Personal rating: All ages

Episodes: 4
Languages: sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre: Romance, fantasy
Studio: CoMix Wave Films
Company: CoMix Wave Films
Official streaming: Crunchyroll


2 thoughts on “This Boy is a Professional Wizard Review

  1. My gosh I adore this little series, short or not. I’d dearly, DEARLY love to see a full show made of it, but as that’s probably not going to happen, I have to settle for lavishing praise on what’s already around. And I do, because I truly think this gem is something very special.

    1. inrosegalaxy

      I was really good. I wish it had gotten more hype over here. I feel like a lot of people really missed out on this one, including me. I ran into it randomly. Never even heard about it when it was first released. A shame as it was very well crafted

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