Patema Inverted Review

patema invertedStory:
Patema lives in a world years after an experimental failure at controlling gravity caused much of the earth to float away into the sky, never to return. Wishing to explore more of her small underground world, Patema ignores the advice of her elders and ventures deeper into the tunnels where gravity seems to be reversed…

A few characters are injured and some killed. Near the end we see quite a lot of blood from a few gun and knife wounds. Not quite as bad as FMA, but still not for younger audiences.

Some d-mns and one or two b-words, but nothing excessive.

There is a villain who makes some rather suggestive remarks towards the lead, but nothing is shown or occurs (besides being creepy).

The people in one of the “worlds” consider those who’s gravity is reversed to be “sinners” and that they deserve to float into the sky and die as it is divine punishment from God. This belief keeps many people in line with the government and is a plot point, so it can’t be easily ignored.

Personal impression:
I really liked this film. It’s one of the better science fiction films I’ve seen in awhile, not just in the realm of anime but in general. While the story itself isn’t overly complex, the way it is presented cinematically is amazing (although, the switching of the camera angle between gravitational pulls can be very disorienting so be warned on that).
The characters are well crafted and although we only have one film to get to know them, we are given enough context and dialog to get a sense of what drives them and what they fear. The two leads also have a pretty organic relationship, which is nice amidst all the rushed ones rampant in more recent films.
The plot twists are pretty solid as well and make for a pretty impactful ending.
If you want to take a break from TV series for a bit, I recommend looking into your local library or digging around Amazon for this one. Even if science fiction isn’t your usual go-to, this is well worth a watch.

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: Movie
Languages: sub and dub
Official rating: TV14
Genres: Action, fantasy, science fiction, drama
Studio: Studio Rikka
Company: Cinedigm, GKids
Official streaming: n/a


My Hero Academia Review

[This review covers seasons 1-3]

Izuku Midoriya is one of very few children born without a “quirk,” special abilities nearly every human on the planet has. Because of this, his dream of becoming a professional hero is just not in the cards. At least that’s what he fears until running into his idol, pro hero All Might.

This is a typical shounen show violence wise. So blood, broken bones and bruises occur a lot. Especially with our lead, who gets into dangerous and harmful scenarios a lot. If Fullmetal Alchemist violence bugs you, this might not be the show for you.

D-mn is the most common, but a few sh-ts and b-words. Almost all instances come from one ever angry character. I haven’t noticed the dub being worse than the original so it all comes down to how many lines that one character has in the episode. When he doesn’t say much, the language is pretty tame, but in episodes heavily featuring him it can spike a bit.

This really comes down to the costumes primarily. A few female characters have suggestive and very tight hero outfits. One common character has a v cut all the way to her waist. While the show attempts to address the practicality of these outfits (some quirks relay on skin contact, for example) the show does take advantage of these moments for some fanservice shots. They are aren’t very common, considering how many characters have outfits ripe for it, but it does happen now and again. There is also a spa scene in season three where the girls are covered by nothing besides, well, mist. It’s a very quick scene, thankfully.

Aside from ideals about justice and heroism, nothing to note here. Religion has not really come into play at all thus far.

Personal impression:
When I first tried this show out, it was already just starting the third season’s stream. I was shocked with how much I enjoyed it, especially considering the genre it is, which isn’t known to have stable character progression. But not only is there some stable world building, but the characters, from the leads to the supporting cast, have all had amazing arcs and growth over time.
There’s a lot to like about this show, from the brisk pace to the enjoyable characters to the interesting world that seems simple at first but quickly fleshes out to a more complex setting that forces the themes of what it is to be a hero into the spotlight frequently. There are pitfalls in the story, but its one of the tighter shounen shows I’ve seen in a long time. Which makes sense considering studio Bones is behind this title and they have a lot of experience in taking a running manga and both faithfully adapting it to the screen while also cleaning up scenes to flow smoother into the overall narrative.
There’s a bit too much to unpack in only a short overview, but suffice to say that I’m really looking forward to the next season due out this fall.
If you love superhero media, but wish it was fun once again and not just angst for adults (looking at BOTH of you, Marvel and DC), give this show a go!

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 63
Languages: sub and dub
Official rating: TV14
Genres: Action
Studio: Bones
Company: FUNimation
Official streaming: Crunchyroll and FUNimation



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It’s been a long time coming but I’ve finally got a new computer and with it: site updates! Considering I haven’t done a site overhaul since 2017 or so, this was long overdue. At first I was only going to update the overall look, but after a lot of thought I’ve decided to change the site name as well. The old look and mood was clashing with what I had created and since I myself have grown overtime, it’s only natural this space would grow with me.
The new site will still be wordpress and as you can see in my banner, it will be What’s In My Anime? or WIMA for short. I feel like this is both to the point and far more in line with what I’ve created here over the years.
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