Tsuredure Children Review

High school is the main stage for multiple love stories. Some will stay strong, others fade. This show goes over multiple love stories at one school and the various comedic situations they cause.

Slapstick stuff only. A bit of nose bleed humor, but extremely tame overall.

D-mns and sh-ts are the worst and not too common.

This is where that TV14 comes into play. Besides some bath scenes and some innuendo between characters (some of which is pretty blunt), there’s one character who corners another and zips his pants down. Nothing is shown and he doesn’t actually do anything, but this scene is quite sexual and uncomfortable. If anything had actually occurred, this show would have been WZed.

Nothing to report.

Personal impression:
This show surprised me quite a lot. Usually I dislike half episode shows because they meander too much, never seem to make any actual progress and generally tend to be written ill. But there was hope in that this series was at least a comedy. And boy did it take that chance and run!
The short format of the episodes actually works in this series’ favor as it splits the narrative between a handful of different exiting and would-be couples. While each bit of story is short, little time is wasted. Issues and struggles are revealed right away and while a few focus on love being confessed, more than half focus more on the after effects and growing relationships than on the budding ones. Also, the types of relationships are shockingly varied. We have demure and calm couples and those far more risque and sexual. Yet none of these relationships go into the dangerous assault or toxic area. Even one that starts out with warning bells turns out… surprisingly safe? It’s refreshing to see that even the more sexually charged relationships still have a healthy amount of consent and restraint for the sake of one another. It’s a wonderful break from the typical romantic fare we get in anime so much.
All that said, the art and music really don’t make much of an impression at all (although a few establishing shots are rather artistically handled), so this show is riding almost exclusively on it’s characters. And jokes. Ah yes the comedy. While this show’s true shine lies in the relationships, it can’t be ignored that a few “joke” couples give this series a huge boost as well. One flamboyant character in particular, calling himself the “dating master,” is a comedy gold mine and beyond entertaining. A great break from a few of the more serious, although often still rather light hearted, couples.
Overall, if you want a comedy, or even some sweet romance without the drama, this is a really great show and one of the few that I hope get another season or so.

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 12 (half episode length)
Languages: sub and dub
Official rating: TV14
Genre: Comedy, romance
Company: Gokumi
Production: ADK
Official streaming: Crunchyroll