The Royal Tutor Review

Professor Heine is sent to the palace to tutor the king’s four good-for-nothing sons and make them ready for the throne in the event that their eldest brother can not take it himself. Gaining their respect and trust might prove a bit difficult…

There are a few episodes where someone is threatened or injured, but only one instance where a serious injury (a gunshot wound) is featured. The blood is visual but not for too long and it’s the only instance of it so this section shouldn’t prove too much for a slightly younger audience. Even so, I wouldn’t rate it a straight PG either…

This sector wasn’t an issue at all really. A few sh-ts, but that’s it and it’s not common.

Besides a few leading comments from a playboy character, nothing here to report.

Nothing here to note.

Personal impression:
This was an enjoyable, relaxed show for me this season. The drama always got resolved and the characters are pretty consistent. The only thing I wasn’t a huge fan of was the lack of outside relationships the princes had. They have interactions with their tutor and father and some of the palace staff and that’s it. Would have been nice to see them branch out more, but that never occurs. Even when one of the princes is in the “outside world” a lot with his part time job…
The art and music are fine, though nothing spectacular. Just like the show. Not bad, kinda nice, actually, but nothing groundbreaking. No fist pumping or “heck yeah” scenes here, but I did thoroughly enjoy watching it as it was airing. Overall this was a solid watch (especially as no creepy teacher-student relationship undertones ever show up). Definitely one of the better shows of the Winter/Spring 2017 lineup.

Personal rating: 10+

Episodes: 12
Languages: sub
Official rating: TV14
Genres: Comedy, drama
Production: Bridge
Company: TV Tokyo
Official streaming: Crunchyroll