Tsukigakirei Review

Kataro is trying to become a serious novelist when he falls in love with a girl on the track team in his last year of middle school. Their romance is a story of many firsts…

None besides some characters falling while running and thus needing bandages and such. Nothing graphic.

Also pretty non-existent. Some very rare cases of sh-ts or d-mns, but they are quite uncommon.

Besides some bath scenes where no details are shown, nothing here either.

Our male lead plays a role of a traditional mythical creature from Japanese folklore. It is never explained on screen, however, and thus you would only know the story being acted out on screen if you knew said folklore. There are also a few scenes of praying at the shrines. Again, no talks about religion itself, as per usual.

Personal impression:
This is probably the most realistic teen romance I’ve ever seen. It’s also probably the most boring. And, yes, those two things are pretty much inseparable. Realistic romance isn’t exciting unless, ya know, you are the one IN the romance. Holding hands with someone you have a huge crush on is exhilarating for YOU, but to anyone else it’s pretty boring. That’s this show in a nutshell.
Our male lead is very idealistic and romantic, our female lead is dreamy and anxiety bound and every bit of drama that comes up reflects those elements. Even the parents and siblings of the leads follow logical arcs fitting their characters such as the mother pushing for her son to take up “normal” work goals and an older sister telling her sibling that long distance “never works.” I never felt like a scene was unrealistic. Everything made perfect sense. Even the clear fact that LINE (a texting app) was likely a huge financial backer for this anime made sense. Probably the most gentle and believable product placement in anime ever.
The downside was, of course, that everything was incredibly boring. Sweet, but boring. Even the art and music was like that. Nice, but largely unmemorable (aside from the creepy CGI background characters…).
If you’ve been craving a break from over-the-top romance drama, this is what you want. It’s sweet, sometimes very much so, but it never crosses into the unbelievable. It’s a very grounded show. Just don’t complain to me that you started to fall asleep a few times…

Personal rating: All ages

Episodes: 12
Languages: sub
Official rating: PG
Genre: Romance, drama
Production: feel
Company: Flying Dog
Official streaming: Crunchyroll