Patema Inverted Review

patema invertedStory:
Patema lives in a world years after an experimental failure at controlling gravity caused much of the earth to float away into the sky, never to return. Wishing to explore more of her small underground world, Patema ignores the advice of her elders and ventures deeper into the tunnels where gravity seems to be reversed…

A few characters are injured and some killed. Near the end we see quite a lot of blood from a few gun and knife wounds. Not quite as bad as FMA, but still not for younger audiences.

Some d-mns and one or two b-words, but nothing excessive.

There is a villain who makes some rather suggestive remarks towards the lead, but nothing is shown or occurs (besides being creepy).

The people in one of the “worlds” consider those who’s gravity is reversed to be “sinners” and that they deserve to float into the sky and die as it is divine punishment from God. This belief keeps many people in line with the government and is a plot point, so it can’t be easily ignored.

Personal impression:
I really liked this film. It’s one of the better science fiction films I’ve seen in awhile, not just in the realm of anime but in general. While the story itself isn’t overly complex, the way it is presented cinematically is amazing (although, the switching of the camera angle between gravitational pulls can be very disorienting so be warned on that).
The characters are well crafted and although we only have one film to get to know them, we are given enough context and dialog to get a sense of what drives them and what they fear. The two leads also have a pretty organic relationship, which is nice amidst all the rushed ones rampant in more recent films.
The plot twists are pretty solid as well and make for a pretty impactful ending.
If you want to take a break from TV series for a bit, I recommend looking into your local library or digging around Amazon for this one. Even if science fiction isn’t your usual go-to, this is well worth a watch.

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: Movie
Languages: sub and dub
Official rating: TV14
Genres: Action, fantasy, science fiction, drama
Studio: Studio Rikka
Company: Cinedigm, GKids
Official streaming: n/a