Golden Time Review

Tada Banri is not the same guy who graduated from high school. His body is the same, but his mind has completely changed. He no longer remembers much of his high school life due to an accident resulting in amnesia. As he tries to rebuild his life in college, he runs into the formidable Kaga Koko, a girl obsessed with his newest friend and soon to be hopelessly entwined in his fate.

Aside from your usual slap-stick fare, where people get beat up but obtain no lasting damage, there’s not much violence. Banri’s injury is flashed back to and there appears to be blood under him, but that’s the worst it ever gets.

We get the usual sh-ts, d-mns and such in this show. Along with the occasional b-word. Not too common, but there.

This is the worst aspect of this show. Aside from a decent amount of leading comments and jokes, there is one scene where the leads decide to have their “first time” in Paris, in another scene the heroine is dressed only in lingerie with the intent of having sex. They don’t end up doing so, but nearly do. Another scene is a party scene where the main lead is dressed as a female and takes leading pictures with a girl. These are, by far, the worst the series dishes out and, had they been any worse, would have made me drop this show altogether. Be warned that this thing almost got a WZ for this section alone.

Banri’s past memories form a kind of ghost, who watches over and even curses the lead. Although it arrives episodes in, this idea is a major part of the story and continues on throughout. If this idea bugs you, best to skip this one.

Personal impression:
Despite my heavy warning in the Nudity section, I’m happy to say that those “near sex” scenes actually had a point and were well grounded for anime, rather than pointless fanservice (aka they address character insecurities and provided development). I wish I could say the same for the party scene… In any case, this show got a lot of acclaim due to having a more “realistic” romantic relationship and having a decently rounded supporting cast. These are two things I agree with… to a point. My biggest critique is one I commonly throw at romantic comedies: heavy handed drama. While all relationships have ups and downs, shows like this always fall for the trap of making it into more than it likely should be.
This said, I did enjoy the show overall. Relationships were complex, characters didn’t always get what they wanted, the story actually concluded and we even had quite a few laughs along the way. Although this series didn’t quite get to me as deeply as Kimi no Todoke, it was a decent romance show, something of a rarity in anime these days. Heck, even if you’re not usually into romance you just might want to make an exception for the sake of 2D-kun’s scenes. I swear I’ve never loved a nerdy side-character more.

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 24
Languages: Sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre(s): Romance, comedy, drama
Company: King Record Company Limited
Legal streaming: Crunchyroll
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