Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Review

Kobayashi has a grueling day job mashing out code for a big company. One day a dragon appears insisting to be her personal maid.

Most of the show is pretty slice of life so often we only have slapstick stuff going on. But there are a few combat scenes (often with a comedy punchline) where some characters get beat up. It’s not excessive though.

Nothing too bad in this sector. A few d-mns. Pretty clear overall.

This is where the YA rating comes in from me. In addition to the usual gratuitous boob shots and jokes (which couldn’t be more painfully lame if they tried), we also have uncomfortable moments such as our maid lead being stripped by a drunk Kobayashi and a dragon girl with unholy chest girth pressing into a kid who keep screaming “stop.” These scenes are cringe fests at best. At worst they made me a bit sick. Especially that last one as it’s treated like a running gag. Definitely the least appealing and most problematic aspect of this show.

There are dragons (and other creatures) from another world. They can shapeshift. Some can do magic. This aspect of the show is near impossible to ignore, so move on if it’s not for you.

Personal impression:
I was really hoping this show would let the less appealing aspects of itself go after watching episode one. And I’m glad it did on occasion. When this show was focused on its characters slowly becoming a family and understanding and respecting one another despite their differences, it was actually pretty good. Unfortunately, the creators just couldn’t let the constant boob gags go and for that reason alone, I feel this show just couldn’t move towards my recommendation list.
Not that this show was horrible or anything. It wasn’t. It was fine. But it could have been better. It might have even been great. But the constant fanservice, some of it extremely uncomfortable for me personally, kept that from happening. At least for me.
If you’ve been yearning for some anime that can give you happy family-comes-together-feels without worrying about unnecessary drama, this is a good show. Really. The art and music are clean and consistent too. But if you’re at your wits end with Japan’s obsession with boob jokes, this series will make your eyes twitch now and then, often maiming what comedy this series attempts.

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 13
Languages: sub
Official rating: TV14
Genres: Comedy, slice of life
Production: Kyoto Animation
Company: ABC Asahi
Official streaming: crunchyroll