Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun Review

Aoyama-kun is a extremely talented soccer player. And a germaphobe. A huge germaphobe. More than a few shenanigans occur due to this…

Primarily slapstick stuff that heals instantly, but we do get a bit of blood shown. Mostly bloody noses. Also, one character threatens violence on others with a nail encrusted baseball bat when her patience levels are breached. When she does use it, it is kept to slapstick material, though.

Pretty tame here. We get sh-t and d-mns and that’s really it. Not super common, but there.

Aside from the typical trope of one girl being jealous of another’s chest size, nothing here to report.

The “god of soccer” is a running gag in this show and we occasionally see temples and such. No religion is actually discussed, however.

Personal impression:
Back when I first tested this series out, my initial thoughts were that I wanted it to keep from being too serious and after having seen the show in its entirety, I’m a bit torn on if that was the best thing or not. It turns out the show did pull off some nicer serious scenes but generally avoided them. Which would have been fine if they hadn’t attempted to go hyper serious in the last episode. Even though, once again, it turned into a joke, because that level of serious hadn’t been done before in the show, I was able to call it as a fake out right away. This made over half the last episode pretty hard to watch.
Despite that, overall the show was pretty decent. It even had an amazing character in it that may be my top female lead this year: Gotou. Seriously she’s the best part of this show. Her violent side would normally annoy me if not for the fact that the only times it comes out are actually for legit reasons, like friends being threatened or when someone is being ridiculous far past her patience limit (which is actually pretty high). This keeps her from being a dreaded tsundere, but also keeps her from the typical shy-girl-next-door mode too. It’s actually a good balance for a comedy like this.
All that said, I didn’t exactly look forward to uploads on this title that much. It was fun enough to watch, and did have some funny moments, but overall this was just a typical comedy. Maybe a bit better than the average, but nothing I would consider amazing either. A solid comedy, you might say. I think if you’ve been craving some laughs and a show that never has much on the line, this is a good one.

Personal rating: 10+

Episodes: 12
Languages: sub
Official rating: TV14
Genres: Comedy, sports
Production: Hibari
Company: Pony Canyon Inc
Official streaming: Crunchyroll