WorldEnd: What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us? Review

William is a human in a world that pretty much hates him. Luckily he manages to land a job watching over a “weapons” warehouse for the military. But the weapons are nothing like he expected…

The blood doesn’t kick in until the mid to last part of this series, so be well warned on it being rather high. I got more than a few instances of Trinity Blood levels with this show. If blood freaks you out, go ahead and skip this. Because once the action starts, it’s not something you can skip through…

Nothing super bad. Mostly d-mns and sh-ts here and there.

As seems to be a requirement for most shows with an unholy large (haha) female cast, we get some bath scenes and uncomfortable innuendo between the male lead and tons of very underage girls because anime. The worst are the “massage” scenes. Yeah, they’re just as despicable as you can imagine. No actual details shown, mind you. But, let’s face it, such technicalities don’t really make these scenes any less creepy.

Ok, we got fairy things, which are called “leprechauns” because THAT makes sense, the idea that souls are reborn as other things, that people magically became evil beasts over time and are destroying the earth… yeah. It’s very convoluted and as usual nothing is really explained in detail. Although in this case I wish it had been…

Personal impression:
Ok, Japan, we get it. You like titles longer than Rapunzel’s hair. But would it kill you to at least have them match the tone of the show? Please?
Usually when I run into anime with titles like this, it ends up at the bottom of my watch list. And for good reason. These shows are often birthed from light novels. Boring light novels counting on their horridly long titles to draw people in because the plots are about as deep as female pant pockets (spoiler alert! We often don’t GET pant pockets and when we do they hold maybe one penny. Tightly). But once I got around to actually giving this show a go, I was shocked to hear traditional Irish music pop out of my speakers only a few minutes in. Fast forward to now and, well, this was a pretty shocking show for me. I honestly expected the absolute worst and this anime… wasn’t.
Now the next line of business: was it good? Well, yes and no. The tone and end messages of this show were surprisingly mature and well done. Even the direction and visuals were decent throughout. To be honest, only the Irish music on the soundtrack was memorable, but it was VERY memorable and quite impactful in how it was used. That said, there was a huge issue that bugged me the entire show which makes me hesitate to recommend this title.
The creepy harem vibes.
Yep, they couldn’t just keep a good story and decent characters going they just HAD to have the not-super-remarkable-but-can-do -everything-and-has-all-the-world-experience-hero-that-ALL-the-ladies-want cliche. And in the case of this show, I found this aspect particularly cringey as the lead is an adult (and actually far older than that, we find later) and the love interest? Yeah, she’s about 16 or so. Yeah. It’s creepy. Now, granted this has unfortunately become a standard in anime. The whole innocent girl falls for guy simply because he gives her so many “firsts” is a huge cliche not just in Japan, come to think of it, but also here in the US and… wait… does the heroine actually SAY she loves him because he is her “first” or… Oh. Oh she does. Oh lord the show even admits it….
Yeah. That was painful. Really, really painful. And I found that aspect to distract badly from the tragedy that was the ending. Which is a huge loss of potential as they didn’t HAVE to go the shallow “I love senpai!” route for me to care about a character’s potential death. Her being a “big sister” to the other fairies, the story of her watching as her own older sisters left and never returned, the reveal of another sister losing her identity, but pretending she’s ok for the mental health of those around her, ALL of those things are heartbreaking and would have painted enough of a sad picture for me to root for the heroine. She doesn’t HAVE to be waifu to matter. And the more she was forced into that role, the more disconnected with the show I became.
So… was it good? No. It was ok for fantasy. Decent, even. But I can’t call this good. I just can’t. Not when entire episodes were dedicated to her becoming the perfect housewife. It was just too much cringe for me.
But, hey, if you can overlook that? This is a great fantasy show. The world building alone is pretty solid. Just don’t look too close at the romance stuff. Like, at all. It’s not pretty.

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 12
Languages: sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre: Fantasy, drama, action
Company: Kadokawa pictures
Production: Satelight / C2C
Official streaming: Crunchyroll