Mizu no Kotoba Review

[due to this being a short, I am making this into a more bite sized review]

This show doesn’t have much to scare away viewers in its short 9 minute run aside from its general strangeness. Still, no violence, language or nudity come into play here so no worries there.

Personal impression:
This is a slow and awkward starter, not a good thing for a short with precious little time to waste. That said the ending kinda made up for this in my book. There are hints at it early on, but the chaotic nature of the short made it hard for me to predict it (which is nice as most shows are too predictable for me). The messages of perception and the differences in points of view come out clear enough, even if the path to get there is rather blurred. Not to mention any under lying messages getting pretty lost along the way.
Overall, this isn’t the most memorable short I’ve seen, but it was a different and interesting break. Not to mention I really enjoyed the different camera angles and movement of focus from group to group (even if the animation itself was extremely rough).

Personal rating: 10+

Streaming: Crunchyroll
Language options: dub or sub
Genre: short film, experimental, fantasy
Studio/director: Yasuhiro Yoshiura
Company: DIRECTIONS, Inc