Phantasy Star Online 2: The Animation Review

Itsuki is a student at Seiga Academy and he’s well known for being able to pick up nearly any activity and do it well, even when he’s singled out as the new vice president for the student  council. But he certainly wasn’t expecting part of his new duties to be playing a popular MMORPG called Phantasy Star Online 2…

Most violence happens in the game world and thus we rarely see actually injuries. Creatures and players usually turn into light and fade away if they are too badly injured or killed. However, there does come a point where characters are effected in real life. Most cases only show some scratches or bruising, though.

Tame overall. Only a few sh-ts and d-mns dangled here and there. Usually during fight scenes. I don’t recall anything stronger, however, so there’s that.

This is where that TV14 rating comes in. We get a lot of cleavage and near boob shots throughout this show, especially due to the skimpy game outfits for our female leads. We even have the typical hot springs deal where a girl ends up naked in the bath with a guy. Traditional mist blocks details, but there ya go.

Nothing to fear here besides the whole “game is real” plot “twist.” Seriously though, is it even still a “twist” if everyone sees it coming from episode one?

Personal impression:
This series actually started out pretty well. It had quite a lot of nearly slice of life moments despite being based on a RPG. It was a nice change from the usual “help I’m tapped in my favorite game” shpeal. That said, this show did change its tune later on, which at first was annoying, but thankfully swung itself around to almost being chill again by the end. AKA it nearly feel for that old “trapped in game” scenario but backedout out for something else last minute. Overall, it still didn’t do anything really new or interesting, but it was far more engaging than this season’s Granblue, that’s for sure.
Overall this show really would have done itself a bigger favor by fully committing to its end plot sooner and in more depth than it did, but if game based anime is your thing, this isn’t a horrible show. In fact, the characters are even enjoyable. And that’s not often the case in most game based shows, in my opinion.
Rest assured your cliched moments, lines and “twists” are all there and the CG animation could use work on the hands (though thankfully the faces rarely ever got messed up, which was nice), but this is a fine filler show. It just won’t be all that memorable… I mean, I can’t even recall the background music… Was there any? I think so…??

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 12
Languages: sub
Official rating: TV14
Genres: Fantasy, action
Production: Telecom Animation Film
Company: Sentai Filmworks
Official streaming: Yahoo View