Pokemon Origins Review

Red, a new pokemon trainer, sets out on a journey to help Professor Oak complete the pokedex. But he’s not alone. His rival, Blue, is out there for the same reason and he’s not an easy opponent to beat.

Oddly, this little series has generally more violence than the first TV series. In only four episodes we see pokemon truly tackling and biting each other and the prospect of pokemon actually dying is addressed (to some extent). It’s nowhere near FMA levels, but it’s a tad darker than the Indigo League, that’s for sure.

Pretty clean overall here. Although the violence is higher, the language is like the first show. Pretty nonexistent.

Just like the language, this section really doesn’t have much to report. In fact, there’s really nothing at all to report here. A nice break, if you ask me.

If the idea of ghosts isn’t your thing, it’s best to skip this little series. An actual ghost of a pokemon is heavily featured in one episode (and I don’t mean ghost “type” pokemon. I mean a pokemon that died and became a ghost. Which, when thought about too much, raises some disturbing questions about “ghost” types…).

Personal impression:
As someone who has never actually played the classic Pokemon console games before (I did play the TCG so lay off), I probably missed more than a few references to the original stories/missions. That said, I was surprised by how many in-jokes I did understand. Though likely that is due to how heavily internet memes feature Pokemon game jokes. Regardless, it was an interesting take. There was enough of the old series to make it familiar and yet plenty of new tones and elements to feel quite different. The music is decent, not quite as good as the first, but solid enough. The art is, understandably, better. Smoother and with far more detail. The only real downside? With only four episodes this series speeds by at an intense and pretty ridiculous pace. The last episode is especially rough and rushed. All in all, it’s far more of an ode to older fans of the games than it is a ply to bring in new fans.

Personal rating: 10+

Episodes: 4
Languages: Sub
Official rating: TVPG
Genre(s): Fantasy, adventure
Company: The Pokemon Company
Legal streaming: Hulu