Kado: the Right Answer Review

After a tiring negotiation with a metal making company, Shindo and his partner’s flight out of Japan is halted by a giant cube falling from the sky and engulfing the entire plane. Humanity is about to face a creature far more technologically advanced than they can imagine.

Generally, there is very little violence in this show. However, the last few episodes have a few graphic scenes. We’re talking hearts getting pulled out. It’s a pretty quick scene but veeeery violent compared to the non-existent violence most of the series enjoys.

Nothing too bad. A few d-mns and a sh-t here or there. It’s not common enough to cause concern.

Another thing we’re spared. The alien is naked when we first see him, but not for long and we see no details. There’s also a scene of a girl being naked later on, but nothing is shown and it’s typical anime shenanigans.

The creation of the universe and evolution is discussed more than once. Nothing religious in nature really, but if you don’t want to get into theories on the creation of the known universe, you might want to skip this show as that comes into play eventually and is rather important.

Personal impression:
This is one of those shows I normally don’t give the time of day to. For one thing, it’s mostly rendered in 3D animation. I haven’t mentioned much on my feelings about using 3D in anime, but as is common in the community, I generally dislike it. Although I will be fair and admit that my reasoning largely lies in that I find it’s often used incorrectly. But that’s a different article. Another reason this show might have been passed up by me initially is because of how tortuously slow the first episode is. Slow starters are not at all uncommon, but for a story like this I would have liked at least a bit more of a clipped pace, especially as the episode ends on such a huge cliffhanger, making the pacing VERY heavy on only one end.
But credit where it’s due, unlike most slow starters, this series knew how to spin that cliffhanger just enough for me to actually click on episode two. Not an easy thing considering how bad I found the animation to be overall.
But then the “cube” appears and you can easily see why heavy CGI was used in this show. I still have reservations on 3D animation, especially as the quality of it in this show seemed to fluctuate a lot between scenes, which was quite distracting, but overall I understand why they opted for it in this case.
And I’m glad I gave it a chance and kept watching.
The alien we meet eventually and the concepts he (it?) brings to the table concern other dimensions, a difficult topic on its own, but the show further digs itself into old school science fiction by seeking to address how mankind would deal with such a huge leap in technological advancements. These questions, with the title of the show always in the background as characters each seek out their “right answer” to the issues they face, made this series the best sleeper for this past season by far.
The characters… Well, some of those could have used work (especially considering the “big reveal” on one of them near the end), but the story itself more than made up for it. It’s been a while since a story alone made me suffer poor animation with a smile, but this show did a truly amazing job with it.
If you like science fiction.
This is the next huge flaw in the show (besides, ya know, the animation definitely not being for everyone). If you don’t like classic science fiction elements, which are far less about space battles and far more about questioning humanity’s thirst for technology and the possible pit-falls of that, you probably won’t like this show. As I said before, the characters are pretty standard once you strip them of their setting and circumstances. They may be a bit more grounded than some shows, but they aren’t unique. In fact, some are incredibly forgettable. So if you aren’t on board with the story itself, you’re gonna be mighty bored, if not straight up confused.
As a science fiction nerd myself, I really enjoyed it. Something I definitely didn’t see coming. Especially considering how slow it was to take off.
So if you enjoy the more classic and realistic side of science fiction, and don’t mind a feeeeew rushed wrap ups at the end, this is actually a really great show. So long as you don’t stare into the soulless eyes of the early 2000s era game clip animations much…

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 12
Languages: sub
Official rating: TV14
Genres: science fiction, fantasy, drama
Company: Toei Animation
Production: Toei Animation
Official streaming: Crunchyroll