Laid-Back Camp Review

Nadeshiko had one goal after moving. To see the famous Mount Fuji! On her way to a good sight seeing campsite, she falls asleep and has to seek help from a fellow high schooler who likes to solo camp. The two form an unlikely relationship and Nadeshiko learns to love camping.


Besides a d-mn or two, this show is pretty clean.

There are a few bath scenes and we see a bit of cleavage, but that’s honestly it.

We see some shrines and even a story about one being dedicated to a dog. But it’s done in an almost touristy way. Actual religious discussion doesn’t occur.

Personal impression:
This show was surprisingly good! We don’t really enter the creepy fanservice area and the dialog and gags are actually decently… natural? It’s definitely nothing ground breaking as far as slice of life shows go. The tone and mood are pretty typical really. But the subject matter and characters fit that tone well and there’s no drama either. Plus they really do make camping look fun, which is a feat as I’ve never had good experiences with it myself.
If you need a light hearted and calm show with a few spot on gags, this is a great title to check out. Just don’t come snooping around for any plot. Or more character growth than someone gradually learning how to camp.

Personal rating: All ages

Episodes: 12
Language: sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre: Slice-of-life, comedy
Studio: C-Station
Company: Furyu
Official streaming: Crunchyroll


Warning Zone: The Ancient Magus’ Bride [TV series]

[Click here to see my review of the first OVA and second to third OVAs]

magus-brideThe What:
Hatori Chise has always had the misfortune of seeing youkai and all manner of fae creatures. This has made her life not only extremely dangerous, but also isolating. With relatives thinking she’s a horrid child or walking misfortune, she’s dropped off from place to place until she finally ends up on auction in the underground, not caring what happens to her so long as the pain of her wanderings is done. But the person who buys her isn’t what she expected. For one thing, he isn’t really human….

The Why:
If you read my reviews for the OVA prequels, I had noted that there was a scene of violence that was sudden and a bit shocking, only barely allowing the show to remain in a YA rating from the scene not lasting too long. Sadly that level of violence doesn’t just return in the TV series, it gets significantly worse. Not that we see more blood, parse, but rather the sounds, voice acting and cinematography all make the physiological horror of the violence pretty… well, disturbing. Especially the torture scenes near the end of the series. There is an episode where cats are brutalized for an elixir, arms sliced, eye plucked out… Overall, there were multiple episodes that were really hard for me to stomach. Sure this is a boon to the studio in that those scenes are supposed to be disturbing and the way they are framed does that job seamlessly. But that also means this show has no other place in my blog but the WZ.  If you are squeamish at ALL with violence, this show is a hard skip.
And if violence doesn’t scare you? Well… The first part of this show is decent. The writing for the lead is slow, but steady and the show don’t tell is strong, which really keeps the world vibrant. The visuals are great and the world of the fae is both beautiful and extremely dangerous. The music is also quite memorable, which we don’t often enough in anime.
My main issue, aside from the uncomfortable levels of violence, was the ending. The strides the lead made towards independence take some large steps backwards as she once again depends very heavily on her captor/master/teacher/friend (?). I’ve never been fond of the mythological beast falls for mortal shtick and this show didn’t convert me. I will give them credit for mentioning, more than once, that fae are not like mortals and thus can’t even view life and love the same way. But the fact that the male lead is a “half formed,” makes that idea murky enough for the show to walk the gray area of “maybe she can change him.” Which is an angle I hate even more. People changing on their own as they learn and grow is one thing. People changing for the sake of keeping someone else under their control and influence? Noooot my fav.
Overall, this show was poised to take on some heavy topics in a well written fantasy setting. And while it does do a bit of this, perhaps even more than most entire franchises manage, it also had some downs that retract progress made. And I’m pretty certain the reason for this backtrack was simply due to the expectation for this to be a romance. The writers pretty much wrote the lead into a corner and realized they had only two options: keep the story character-based and go in a very different direction from how they originally marketed their product oooooor force the leads together and keep the title going strong despite requiring the entire supporting staff to go out of character for this to take place. Spoiler alert: option A was left in the dust.
I still think the OVA and beginning of the series was strong, but yeah. The ending kinda killed this show for me personally.


Kenka Bancho Otome -Girl Beats Boys- Review

Hinako was an orphan until she runs into her look alike on the street and gets “adopted” by his gangster family and roped into posing as him and joining an all boys school notorious for thugs and violence. Now she must beat each grade’s lead boss to gain control of the school and keep up appearances for her “long lost twin.”

Despite how much fighting goes on, actual blood is kept low to nill. It’s mostly bruising from punches. Nothing graphic.

This is the worst the show gets, though it’s still tame overall. Some sh-ts and d-mns, but not that often. Then again, this entire show is super short so it’s not like there’s much time for it anyway.

Aside from a plot point where one character takes off his shirt to prove he’s a guy, nothing to put here.

This section couldn’t be more empty if it tried.

Personal impression:
This wasn’t bad, actually. Not good, mind you. Though I feel as if the length worked against this show the most in that regard. See, with a set up like this, I was thinking we’d end up with some weird Ouran High School knock off. We actually… don’t? And that actually worked out better, I think. The lead’s main drive is having friends and family. She’s been alone all her life and that’s honestly all she wants. Romance doesn’t occur at all. Which is good. But also odd. The show seems to drop in and out of romantic tones at random, despite the lead not only being oblivious, but also not desiring any romantic connections at all. It makes for a show that feels confused. Like it can’t decide if it’s a traditional reverse harem, or an oddly strong female lead action show promo. Just a promo. The “plot” is far too weak to call this anything else.
Again, I actually kinda like the set up. The lead wants something most people can strongly identify with and would go a long way towards showing female and male non-sexual relationships, which tend to be lacking in media in general no matter what side of the Pacific ocean you live on. Plus the fight scenes are actually decently animated, especially those involving the lead, who is a very good fighter. You can tell most of the budget went solely to those scenes. It’s nice to see genuine action from a lead, especially a female one, done in a grounded fashion and with no sexualized undertones.
Sadly the short time of each episode, and the focus wavering between friendship focus and a forced romance angle, hurt this show pretty bad. I enjoyed it now and again, but overall this show is far too short to accomplish much at all. Which is a shame. The basic idea isn’t bad. But it needs to be fully committed to and needs time to build up. Two things which just aren’t going to happen considering this is based off an otome game and it seems to have gotten only a skeleton budget.

Personal rating: 10+

Episodes: 12 (8 min each)
Languages: sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre: action, otome
Studio: n/a
Company: EMON
Official streaming: crunchyroll