La Corda d’Oro ~primo passo~ Review

So there’s this fairy that owes a human for saving its life so it decides to repay him generations later when the guy is dead and buried and doesn’t care anymore so it gives a random girl the ability to play the violin with no prior training and thus enter the school wide competition because reasons. Yeah, it’s just an excuse to surround our heroine with hot guys.

Pretty low here. Aside from a character getting a few cuts on her hand from broken glass, you’re in the clear here.

Nothing too heavy here. Usually only a d-mn or two. I don’t readily recall anything worse, nor anything too frequent.

Another thing we’re spared. I honestly have nothing to note in this section.

There’s a fairy in this. And a magic violin. If that bugs you, this show ain’t your cup o’ tea.

Personal impression:
For a romance title, this show certainly isn’t horrible. It even has a few elements of our lead character addressing her own issues with her friends, something we don’t always get in these kind of shows. We also get a decent amount of legitimate character development, the kind that aids the lead and has little to do with the male cast.
That said the music is subpar overall (all the classical music is nice, but that’s not really something this show can take credit for) and so is the art.
Again, this is a decent romance show. It’s not as good as shows like Ouran or My LOVE Story, but if you’re craving a reverse harem show without the usual flimsy leads, this one is… fine.
But that fairy is pretty obnoxious, gotta say… I just can’t stand these cute-for-cute’s-sake characters anymore. I’m too dead inside.

Personal rating: 10+

Episode: 28 (includes season one and two)
Languages: sub
Official rating: PG
Genre: Romance, fantasy, drama
Production: Yumeta Company
Company: Aniplex/Sentai Filmworks
Official streaming: Crunchyroll 

Gabriel Dropout Review

Gabriel is a perfect straight A student in heaven. Until she goes to earth for her studies on humans and discovers gaming.

Slapstick stuff only in here. Some comedic nosebleeds is as graphic as it gets.

Pretty tame for TV14. Sh-t is the most common, often said by the lead or her “rival.” Can’t recall it getting much worse.

Considering episode one opened with a joke about our lead’s underwear transporting to class without her (and all the boys praying to it), I expected this show to be far more of a fanservice mess than it actually ended up being. Actually, the worse pantyshots and such occur in the first few episodes. After that it tappers off and… it stops. Which I’m grateful for, but just goes to show that they probably didn’t need it in the first place.
Ah, there is one episode in which one of the big breasted of the cast goes through her day terrified her bra will snap because she’s outgrown it (dear men: we usually know something is getting tight far before it reaches this point, just sayin’). Nothing is shown, but it makes her chest a focus for much of the episode.

Considering the setup, religion is definitely an unavoidable aspect of this show. There are “angels” and “demons” and zero commentary on actual religion. The closest you get to any kind of discourse on such things in a Christmas episode where jokes are made towards the demons about celebrating the birth of Christ and it is countered with “Christmas is more of a commercial holiday in Japan.” Which is funny because it kinda is in the US at this point too. Anyway, that’s as “serious” as it ever gets. Don’t expect any religious realism here. This setup exists for the laughs and not for any other purpose.

Personal impression:
This is one of take it or leave it shows for me. It had a few chuckle-worthy moments, but not enough for me to say it was actually funny. But it was cute and upbeat and had the best coffee shop owner ever, so I’ll give it a pass for how dull it ended up being overall. In fact, some of this show’s run-on gags were the best gags (see coffee shop owner), unlike other comedies this last season *cough*DragonMaid*cough*.
The art and music match the overall result of the show: nothing insulting nor compelling to report. All in all, this show was more of a filler for me to watch between other things. Though, again, it was nice to get that break from hardcore fanservice, given the moe cast and all.
Clearly directed and made by men though, as evidenced by a big breasted girl going through gym in a normal bra versus a sports bra. Seriously guys, we don’t do that. Unless it’s laundry day/we completely forgot. But we typically don’t forget those things. We just don’t.

Personal rating: 10+

Episodes: 12
Languages: sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre: Fantasy, comedy
Production: Doga Kobo
Company: Kadokawa Pictures
Official streaming: Crunchyroll 

Extra: My top 10 anime confessions

Sooo, a new year. Guess it’s about time I wrote one of these. Can’t say I don’t have some guts…
So, here be my top 10 anime confessions:

10. I used to write fanfics. Sometimes I still do. I like to think the quality has improved, but heaven knows…

9. I do like the occasional brain-dead show. This usually ends up as a shoujo show of some kind… Not saying there aren’t smart shoujo shows out there. Just saying there sure are a lot that aren’t.

8. I do listen to Jrock and Kpop boy bands on YouTube. Begin your judging.

7. When watching subtitled versions, I tend to over-analyze the translation jobs, which distracts me from what’s actually going on. I backtrack a lot…

6.  I don’t like K-On. Nearly fell asleep on episode one….

5. I sometimes ship characters that don’t really work together simply to see the shocked expressions on other anime fans’ faces when I bring it up in a conversation.

4. I have wallpapers on my computer of male anime characters I find attractive. I regret nothing.

3. I didn’t cry when Nina died (FMA).

2. I also sometimes watch “dramas” and reality shows featuring Jrock and Kpop boy bands. What can I say? They’re really cute… And kinda hot.

1. I’ve watched all of Vampire Knight. Never. Again.

Do you have any anime confessions? Do you share some of mine? Don’t fear the reaper! Post em in the comments below!