The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior Review

kawai complexStory:
Kazunari Usa just moved into his new home where he will stay through his high school years. Full of hope that something good will happen, he is quickly reminded that he is not so blessed when all his housemates turn out to be insane creepsters. The only highlight? One fellow boardee happens to be Ritsu, his shy, bookloving crush.

Even though a great deal of the show is slapstick comedy, some of the jokes can be violent and there is blood from time to time. It’s not supposed to be serious, but it is there nonetheless.

Aside from the usual d-mns and sh-ts, there are also b-words on occasion. This isn’t a clean show, but any accounts, though it’s not obscene about it either. At least not in this section…

Aside from one very busty chested character, there’s nothing too visually graphic in this show aside from the typical fanservice shots. However, it’s often what is joked about that’s the worst. One housemate is really into bondage and abuse. Against himself. This can be quite disturbing to some. Pair that with two other housemates that make a lot of sexual jokes and comments and this is the worst part of the show right here. Some comments were so bad I nearly gave this a WZ, so be warned on this front.

Not much to put here. Besides characters bemoaning bad luck and such, there’s really nothing to note. Well. Two characters have a thing for ghosts and the supernatural. They are portrayed as kinda crazy and are only side characters, though.

Personal impression:
At first I only watched this show because I like the colors and it aired new episodes at a time when other shows did not. Aka it’s what was on. It wasn’t until the last half of the show that found myself really enjoying the episodes as they became far more about Usa and Ritsu than about their zany housemates. Don’t get me wrong. Crazy comedy can be fun at times. But that was not always the case with this show. Thus I found myself far more drawn to the romance angle, what there was of it, despite that being rather against my nature. It also took about that long for Ritsu to start showing up as more than the traditional stoic bookworm type. She began to have a personality and a strength. It was a shock, but a nice and much needed one.
As far as music goes, this show was pretty typical. And although the art was bright, it does almost go into the garish section once or twice. Oddly enough, it fits the tone of the show well as the comedy looks like that too.
If the nudity section didn’t put you off your tea, and you don’t mind the dredge through the first part of the series, this is a decent title. Especially considering the female love interest actually has a legit personality for once.

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 12
Languages: Sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre(s): Comedy, romance
Company: TBS
Legal streaming: Crunchyroll
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